Satsuki prides itself on providing a truly authentic Japanese dining experience

that focuses on quality, beauty and attention to detail.

Japanese dining encourages social interaction around the table, with the idea of

a number of dishes to be ordered and shared.


Most diners will choose two or three dishes per person to be placed in the

middle and tried by all. Various dishes will arrive as soon as they have been

prepared by the chef, ensuring the highest quality of freshness and flavour.

Further orders can be made at any time during the meal to replenish the table

if so desired.


Satsuki offers a large range of Sake, Shochu and Japanese beer (as well as local

wine and beer choices) to complement your chosen dishes.


When deciding upon the menu, do not think of entrée and main, but rather an

array of tasting plates to enjoy, savour and share in the experience with your table.


Goyukkkuri Dozo

(Take your time and enjoy)